Our services

a blissed-out, beautiful dog in no time

We’ve designed our grooming service to be as stress-free and enjoyable for pets as possible. Because we come to you when it’s convenient, it can all be over and done in a jiffy – they’ll be back running around the garden or asleep on the sofa before they’ve even noticed they’re looking gorgeous.

With our van parked near to your house, your dog will be surrounded by the familiar scents and sights of home and so it’ll all feel nice and safe. We’ll just need access to an electrical socket to power our clippers, but we can stretch a surprisingly long way.

What’s Included

Before each groom, we’ll have a chat to know you and your dog, briefly assess their behaviour and coat condition and then agree upon an achievable style for your pet. Then we’ll get fluffing!

You dog’s grooming session will include:

  • Nail clipping
  • Relaxing bath and hand dry (no cage drying involved)
  • Full brush-out of minor knots and tangles (see note below)
  • Grooming/styling as required
  • Ear-clean and plucking, if needed
  • A refreshing spritz of cologne
  • Any aftercare suggestions or feedback that may benefit you and your pet in between grooms

A word about the stinky stuff

Due to Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons’ regulations, we can no longer offer anal treatment.

A word about tiny visitors

Fleas happen – it’s never a big deal to us – but we will add on a £10 surcharge for flea treatment.

A word about matting

As long as your dog is healthy and well-looked after,  we’ll happily style your pet however you like. However, in accordance with the 2006 Animal Welfare Act we will not de-matt a matted dog. A limit of 15 minutes de-matting time will be allocated – anything more than this will require a shave-off, followed by us arranging an ongoing grooming schedule that better suits you and your pet. Matting will also incur an extra charge depending on the dogs size.

Please see our important information for dog owners page for more issues that may affect your groom.


For our full grooming service, we charge based on your dog’s breed, starting at £35 for a prim pug, up to £95 for a grand old Newfoundland, and everything in between. Come and find your breed here in our full price list.

We can also offer just a bath and towel-dry, if you’d prefer, for the following charge:

Small Dog £25.00
Medium Dog £32.00
Large Dog £37.50

Just remember: the amounts shown are meant as a guide only – the condition of your dog’s coat and some other factors may affect the final price.


Just get in touch and we’ll do the rest! We recommend you book your session well in advance – that way we can make sure we can give you a date and time to suit you and your pooch best.